Our group uses the statistical package R for a lot of our programs. For a some hints on R please click here:

R Hints

Estimating Genetic Ancestry

GemTools: A fast and efficient approach to estimating genetic ancestry

Sequencing Software

Clustering and Alignment of Polymorphic Sequences - CAPSeq

Significance Testing

Weighted False Discovery Rate  (Latest Update:  3/15/2006)

Grouped False Discovery Rate  (Latest Update:  10/18/2007)

Linkage Software

Population specific allele frequency estimates

Preclustering / CovIBD Linkage Tools

Bayes allele frequency software

Genehunter result combination software

Robust estimation of critical values for genome scans to detect linkage

Association Software

Screen and Clean

Excess Allele Matching/Sharing in Extended Pedigrees, MHC

Principal Component of Heritability, PCHAT (v2.2 updated 6/10/08)



Single Locus Tests for Association

Evolutionary Tree-Transmission Disequilibrium Test

Frequentist Genomic Control Software

Bayesian Genomic Control Software

Power Genomic Control

Descriptive Tools for SNPs and Haplotypes

Tag SNP Selection using H-Clust (Much Faster, Latest Update : 02/28/2008)
Warning: File format and usage commands have changed from the older versions.

Haplotype Blocks using Entropy Blocker

Linkage Data Analysis

Linkage analysis of families containing individuals with Anorexia Nervosa.

Linkage analysis of families containing individuals with Bulimia Nervosa.