BARS Source Code

Download the BARS software:


You can also download the R Wrapper for BarsN from here.

Procedure for installing BARS on LINUX

To install BARS on LINUX and use the R Wrapper perform the following steps:

1)  BARS can be compile by giving the command:

        make barsN.out

     (Please make sure that the LAPACK and BLAS libraries are available on the system).

2)  Test if barsN is working by executing the command:


      The data should contain two columns in the form:           

        3.18684952240004 -0.232069272389052

        3.20264778832408 -0.00569770690283549

        3.21517282478498 -0.183575502501058

        3.21637634408211 0.523545892804061

        3.24388436807315 -0.521492298241715


  The following steps are done for the R Wrapper. 


3) Make sure that you have a barsN.out in the directory. Form a shared object file

    by giving the command:


     R CMD SHLIB barsN.c


    You should now have a file called


4) Now you should enter R and type the following commands on the prompt:







To find the list of commands for getting the BARS output from R please have a look at the